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If you are one of that select band who use computers running RISC OS on ARM processors, then you might well find some of the software available from this site useful. Note that it runs only under RISC OS, and is useless if you are running any other operating system.

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The Ovation Pro pages

Here you will find a range of applets and resources for use with the DTP package Ovation Pro

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Graphing and scientific software

Here you will be able to download GraphDraw, MultiPlot, and other plotting and chemistry related software and utilities

insig.gif - 651 bytes If you arrived here looking for the pages in support of the Insignia review in the April 2002 Archive Magazine, then you really ought to have gone here!

The Archive magazine site itself is also well worth a visit.


Amedeo Avogadro

If the reason for your visit here is to seek information on Avogadro, then you should follow the link to the Avogadro page.

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