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This site is a central repository for third party applets and other resources suitable for use with Ovation Pro, the DTP application for RISC OS from David Pilling.

Latest news

On the 1st of July 1999, publication of the OvationPro DTP program was taken over by its author David Pilling.

All contact regarding sales, support etc. should in future be to David Pilling.

The official Ovation Pro web site has moved to www.davidpilling.net/ovationpro/

The latest release of Ovation Pro is version 2.75, which may be obtained from http://www.davidpilling.net/ovationpro/upgrade/

All upgrades are now referred to version 2.60 as the base version. If you have a version earlier than 2.60, then contact David Pilling to upgrade to the new CD version.

For those with Windows™ PCs, David Pilling proposes to release a Windows™ version of Ovation Pro. There is currently (13 Aug 2003) a freely downloadable time limited version, essentially corresponding to version 2.71 on RISC OS. Full details may be found on the Ovation Pro web site www.davidpilling.net/ovationpro/. There is full file compatibility between the RISC OS and Windows™ versions.

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Colour printing aids

Document templates

Example documents

Macros, and other miscellaneous files

Sprite files

Draw files for frame borders

Other information

Upgrading Ovation Pro

The Ovation Pro Maillist

Hints and tips, and recurring queries

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